“I don’t think that my feedback adequately expressed my appreciation for what Corinthian Cove did for me and my team two weeks ago. It was a “team changing” event. Although I had heard many of the stories and expressions before, to see the faces of my team while you described “The Qualities of a Blue Chipper”, “Zippy the Monkey” and “Beating the Melt” was eye-opening. They are all asking - how do we “Beat the Melt” - how else can we keep ourselves in the front of someone’s mind. Every day since, at least one team member has cited our new mantra: MFC. One point that I would also like to make was the invaluable contribution that Gail made to the week. Every member of the team cited her contributions - and her credibility as an award-winning, accomplished journalist and newscaster made her words even more impactful. For me as a “sales manager”, I know that I will now do my job better. I will support my team more - constantly celebrate successes - but, make sure we have solid metrics in place to ensure that everyone is following through on the hard work that is the only way to succeed. Thank you very much and I look forward to working with you again in the near future.”

“I had the good fortune to spend two days with John for executive coaching and left with a better toolkit to pursue both business and life. After initially helping me to identify both my marginal and exceptional personality traits, he assembled a personalized program designed to improve my business execution. Interestingly, his techniques also had a crossover impact on my personal life and relationships which was the greatest gift of our sessions. I made a connection with John during my time at Tiburon which has benefited my family, friends and clients. His approach is personal and his insights are a product of his super successful career as a leading business executive. We have stayed in touch since then and I always look forward to our conversations.”

“The training was great…it really was! It was the right combination of practicality, trainers (of course) and timing. Interestingly, I have used two parts immediately. First, I re-wrote two executive summaries at the last minute to highlight the value propositions we refined. Second (and more importantly), I have begun my “campaign for Mayor.” That simple advice has really hit home.”

“Great stuff! It was customized, practical, realistic, and ultimately useable—no pie-in-the-sky bulls___ or canned nonsense. ”

“Thanks for the thoughtful training session that you assembled for our team. It was clearly evident that you work from your hearts. By the way, ‘feeding the sales funnel’ was the key challenge in my letter to myself. I fully expect the response to my letter to be positive! I am looking forward to putting the recommendations from our session into practice, and I will certainly stay in touch.”

“Thanks for all the time and effort you invested with our program last week. It was clear you did your homework. I am applying some of the principles we discussed already. I am curious about how the ongoing support from you will work, for I want to be prepared when I have to call in ‘the big guns’ for help.”

"The program was excellent. As a new sales professional, I was hoping this would provide some of the structure I was missing. I now have my road map. Thank you, John and Gail."

"Excellent program! I found the Solution Selling and the Finals Presentation modules to be particularly helpful. I loved hearing the war stories from industry pros."

"I was nervous before attending the program. Your ability to put me at ease and to help me look at myself has made the last three days the most productive and exciting of my professional sales career."

I first met John Boneparth a decade ago when I ascended to the role of Head of Distribution. My firm correctly surmised that John’s experience could be an invaluable resource for me as I assumed my new responsibilities. They were right, and my relationship with John as an Executive Coach and Corinthian Cove Consulting has continued ever since. Over the years, John and Gail have trained all of my sales and consultant coverage teams helping them to achieve great results.



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